Internationally recognized 10 Best BMX tracks in the country. Course is lit for night racing. 

Located on the westside of Evansville, Indiana in Burdette Park, George Mason Burdette Park BMX has been around since 1977 when a group got together to get a bmx track up and running. Shortly after, George Mason himself stepped in and was instrumental in the upkeep of the track and helping the throngs of kids who showed up to ride the infamous downhill track. The Grand Nationals were held at George Mason Burdette Bmx in 1980 and a ten-man gate was used at the races. In the early 1990's, the track was officially named after George Mason for all his years of devotion to the kids and the sport he loved.

Rated among the best and fastest BMX tracks in the nation, Burdette Park BMX hosts local racing from early April to October.  Burdette also hosts Indiana State level races and has held Midwest Regional and National three-day events which draw hundreds of riders of all skill levels from professional to beginners from all the United States and countless other countries.

Burdette Park BMX is a non-profit organization with an elected board of directors who serve two-year positions. Burdette Park Bmx is a fenced track facility with practices on Wednesday nights and racing on Fridays during the summer and Saturdays during spring and fall.  The track is located on the southwest corner of Burdette Park and adjacent to the campground area and near the Discovery Lodge.  Burdette Park also has a beautiful water park and swimming pool, tennis courts, mini-golf, shelter and chalet rentals

Visit Burdette Park & Aquatic Center for more info.

Track hotline: 812-422-9125