Let's Reconvene!

Evansville residents never tire of converting their friends to the cracker crisp crust that made Turoni’s famous!  Their distinctive pizza sauce recipe and sausage is made in-house. Salads & sandwiches round out the menu, and don’t forget the garlic cheese toast! It’s a favorite spot to bring out- of- towners who want to get a real “taste of Evansville.”

Turoni’s has been doing craft beer in Evansville longer than anyone! Since 1996 they have perfected that classic combination of pizza and a cold beer. Outside of brewing festivals the only place to taste Turoni’s microbrew is in the restaurant, making it a real hidden treasure to discover when you visit Evansville.

Turoni’s Main Street location is the home of the brewery. Housed in a historic brick building at 408 Main North Main Street, the atmosphere inside is cozy. Lots of dark wood, Evansville memorabilia, and classic stained glass lighting fixtures give Turoni’s an old world feel that is homey and inviting.

Five basic brews make up the Turoni’s catalog, with a selection of seasonal brews rotating. Vinnie’s lager is named for the mustachioed character that is Turoni’s mascot, and Ol’ 23 Stout honors Evansville’s native son, New York Yankee great Don Mattingly. Honey Blonde Ale, Thunderbolt Red Ale, and Blue Eyed Moose India Pale Ale round out the core roster. Helle’s Bock, Wit’s Up, Hefeweizen, Black Light Lager, Octoberfest, and Rudolph’s Revenge spice things up throughout the year. 

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