Where have you BEAN?

Get your morning brewing and kick your day into gear. Come see what's percolating in Evansville. Carefully curated, caffeinated creations will keep you coming back for more! 

The Daily Grind

Tucked into a courtyard behind the city building that crowns Main Street, you will find one of our favorite hidden gems serving fresh homemade sandwiches, soups, desserts, premium only coffee, and vegan fare with flair.

River Kitty Cat Cafe

Come to River City, take home a River Kitty! A one-of-a-kind coffee cafe with puurfect take-away. Decompress in the kitty lounge where you can pet and play with adorable adoptables downtown.

Honey+Moon Coffee Co.

A happy space awaits your happy face. Come sip a while. Get all the feels over bubble waffles, breathe deep and linger longer.

River City Coffee + Goods

A Main Street staple with a unique blend. Discover a full service espresso and coffee bar living in harmony with a makers market of local handmade goods and gifts.

Penny Lane Coffeehouse

Specializing in fair trade, direct trade, and estate coffees. Second to none for awesome baristas and a chill downtown vibe welcoming you to the neighborhood.  

Proper Coffee

Seeking what is best and doing what is right in pursuit of the ultimate cup. Inspired by other craft industries, it is a pleasure to bring this artisan experience to Evansville.

The Milk Barn

A little food truck start-up with big dreams. The Moo Crew is creating their signature made-to-order Firecakes and Drips 'til the cows come home, just for you.

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