New for YOU in '22

There is more to explore with new things to do and new places to go in Evansville, Indiana. Find yourself here this year!

New Turf!

The Deaconess Sports Park has baseball and softball season in full swing with all new synthetic turf infields. A little rain won't stop us from hearing, "PlayBall"! 

A New Clubbing Scene!

Pinball Club, that is! Arcademie, a "museum of antiquated technology", is the newest hidden gem in Evansville’s downtown with a straight up my town vibe. Join the Killer Queeners and learn a few new choice words or watch the ladies of Belles & Chimes light it up! Keep an eye on the bartender known to bust out the butane. Be sure to try the Dynamo Hot Flash II. Is it a cocktail or a game? Come find out.

New to the Neighborhoods!

The hottest and the coolest new kid on the block. This ever-changing staging ground has not disappointed. From 21+ nightlife and sizzling 'Coming In Clutch' car shows, to fabulous photo pop-ups for everyone, NOCO Park has stolen the spotlight. You never know what they will come up with next!

A Penguin Premier!

The Mesker Park Zoo's Penguins of Patagonia is Indiana's first Humbolt penguin habitat. See them swim zoomies underwater and soak in the sun all year-round. Other most recent additions are the otter sisters, Astrid and Juno, the Budgie Walkabout, and the Engelbrecht Carousel.

A Clear Water Winner!

The Deaconess Aquatic Center is the newest competative sports facility in Evansville. Whether you are training to keep up with gold medalists, Lilly King and Mikaela Jenkins, or just dipping your toes in the splash pad, there is nothing more refreshing.

Deep Blue Indoor Play

An undersea experience is coming soon to Evansville's east side! A magical Deep Blue indoor playground for adventure-goers of all ages. Party, play and climb under the sea with us!

A New Moo!

Coming to Evansville for the first time ever, PBR Touring Pro Division Bull Riding challenges seasoned veterans and ambitious newbies to take on some of the PBR's most famous bucking bulls.

A New View!

We are forecasting a no-bummer summer with the newest addition to the riverfront. Introducing Sunset Skatepark, a brand new concrete rendezvous reservoir. All-Wheel accessible fun for wheelchairs, skateboards, scooters, bikes, rollerskates and rollerblades. With 27,000 sq.ft. of skate-scape, this is Indiana's largest skate park.

Go Play Inside!

Go ahead, throw balls in the house at BIRDIE'S, a brand new versatile virtual encounter with top-notch sports simulators and duckpin bowling conveniently located just two blocks off Main Street downtown. 

Swing Into The New Year!

Featuring 5 Trackman Virtual Golf simulators, it’s the perfect activity for any age, skill level, or time of year. Invite your best buddies or gal pals for tee-time. Gather around for a round of 18 holes with a round from the upscale bar at Club 18 at Mister B's!

A new Angle

Up the river and around the bend, right here in River City, we're dancing again! The National Square Dance Convention will Do-Sa-Do right into the heart of Evansville this June. Come and watch or join the fun. All the cool kids will be there.

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