Just Around the River Blend

You're about to learn some smooth moves with this guide to all things blended in Evansville. 

Juice + Smoothies

Plank Nutrition Bar

Dedicated to organic ingredients, Plank Nutrition Bar provides truly natural nutrition supplements and products that are natural and have no fillers or GMOs.  Visit our smoothie bar and enjoy a protein shake, smoothie, or beverage of greens, immunity boost and more.

Sunshine Juice Co.

If caffeine isn’t your thing, cold-pressed juice is the perfect pick-me-up. At Sunshine Juice Co., you’ll find organic juice and smoothies for vegans, omnivores, new juicers, seasoned juicers, kids, and everyone in between.

La Campirana

La Campirana is adored by locals for its authentic Mexican cuisine. The stand-alone juceria they don't brag about, but should, is their best-kept secret. Made-to-order smoothies, juices, fruit-infused water and other delights like fresas con cremas are all reasons to stop in and eat desert first.


Smoothies, Lotus, and Coffee, oh my! Blenderz is a one stop shop for on-the-go nutrition. Açaí bowls, fitness blends, organic oats, and fruit parfaits will make your day delicious. 

Mr. Bubble Tea

You will burst your Boba over all the fun authentic Asian beverages at Mr. Bubble Tea. Be delighted by what they can do with fruit jellies, tropical juice, milk tea and more.

Franklin Nutrition

See what's shakin' at Franklin Nutrition. Stop in for a Mega Tea, Shake, or Chiller. With a selection of flavors that will turn sweet shops green with envy, your tastebuds won't know it's good for you!

Corner Nutrition

Better together, Corner Nutrition combos have all the good things in two delicious drinks! These power-packed duos are doing double-duty for your health. 

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

 Order up a flatbread, salad, sandwich, wrap, bowl, or quesadilla at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and sweeten the deal with a smoothie!

Hometown Nutrition Evansville

Evansville's newest Main Street spot offers healthy sips and energy teas for everyone! 

Ready to mix it up again? See our complete list of restaurants and other places to grab a drink in Evansville.