Fall Farm Markets

Keeping fall fresh at local Farm Markets in Evansville. 

Bud's Farm Market 

If you miss market day, just head on out to the farm where great tasting, healthy food is grown naturally without the use of synthetic fertilizers or harmful chemicals. Bud is saving the world from tasteless, rock hard, chemically laden vegetables, one tomato at a time! Make time to shop at Salvage Candy just across the road where what's old is new, repurposed, and way cooler than it was the first time around. 

Reimann's Farm Market

Picking up or U-Pick at this family farm is a long-standing tradition for north-siders. You will have to visit them because they won't be at any of the farmer's markets. Why are they so popular? They use only natural, organic or no sprays on their wide variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. 

Goebel Farms

Best known for pumpkins and Christmas trees, this family goes above and beyond to welcome yours with a fun day filled with hayrides to the U-pick pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo, barn slide, apple cider slushees, and so much more!

Mayse Farm Market

Mayse Farm Market is all the things and more! Best known for fun farm activities and adorable photo-op stops throughout the grounds making a great day out to play and make memories with your family and friends. 

Evansville Countryside Orchard

If you're wondering just how local the produce is at the Farmer's Markets of Evansville, this seasonal U-Pick orchard and market is just 14 miles from the Market on Main.  

Evansville has over 300 locally owned and operated non-chain restaurants and food trucks. Many of them are serving you straight from our local farms! Come to Evansville for some good home-grown fun and stay the night.