Extending over 50 acres, historic Mesker Park Zoo is home to more than 700 animals and is open 365 days a year!  Pathways bloom and grow with local and exotic trees and plants. The crown jewel of the zoo is Amazonia- a walk through the wild expanse of the South American Rainforest! This enclosed, climate controlled jungle stays a sultry 78 degrees and comes complete with daily rain shower! Animals include howler monkeys, toucans, capeberras, tapir, caiman, and the elusive queen of the jungle - the jaguar! 

Mesker Park Zoo is also home to the largest lizard in the reptile world, the Komodo Dragon, as well as a rhino, giraffes, zebras, mexican grey wolves, lions, tigers, and a host of other members of the wild kingdom! Meet red pandas - Junjie and Celeste - and Kona, the Sun Bear. 

You can also enjoy a paddle boat ride on Victoria Lake and  follow a peacock around the beautiful grounds.  Don't forget to take home a souvenier from the gift shop!


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June 4, 2016
Zoo Brew